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August 19, 2009

A nurse’s assistant is licensed personnel also known as a nursing aide. A nursing assistant works under the nurse and in cases of routine tasks a nurse has to be present for supervision. Among the duties that a nurse assistant can perform are dressing and bathing patients, feeding the patients, delivering messages, making beds and answering to patients calls during the night. Checking blood pressure, respiration rate, pulse rate, and taking temperatures of patients are the major duties that a nurse’s assistant can do unsupervised. A nurse assistant has to be qualified and knowledgeable about the hospital equipment, since his or her services will be needed in setting up medical equipment, moving and storing medical supplies.

A nurse assistant will at times be required to observe and monitor the patients’ emotional and physical conditions and make a report to the medical staff or the nurses. The best thing about taking up this career is that it has maximum flexibility since you can choose to take up jobs in home facilities. Examples of where a nurse assistant can be needed is by the elderly, mentally disabled, the disabled and in the residential places that need home medical services. A nurse assistant can specialize in taking care of small children too. The services of an aide nurse can also come in handy where a discharged patient needs help at home.

To become a successful nurse assistant you must have a desire in helping people. This is a job that requires responsibility; it is not about how hard you work its all about the compassion you will have when performing your nursing duties.

There are requirements that one will need to have before becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. A nursing assistant training from a reputable school will be required. These days there are internet based Assistant Nursing Courses that can earn you that certificate to work. In most institutions the courses undertaken are taught by qualified registered nurses. There are different levels that the course has to go through, but the period or length of a course will depend on the program chosen.

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