50 Free Online Health Web Sites Every Mom Should Bookmark

January 31, 2010

As a mom, you want what’s best for your family. Especially when it comes to their health. There are so many health options and so much information out there that it can be difficult to figure out where to get the most reliable information. The good news is that there are several reputable web sites out there that can provide you with solid health information for you and your family. Here are 50 health web sites every mom should bookmark:

General Health and Medical Information

776px-MyPyramid1These web sites contain useful information on medical topics, from identifying the symptoms of different conditions, to offering useful information on preventing illness.

  1. WebMD: This is the granddaddy of health and medical web sites. Get reliable information on a number of health topics that can affect you and your family.
  2. Discovery Health: This health information from Discovery Channel is educational, and includes kid-friendly activities and information that you can share with your children.
  3. NIH – Health Information: The National Institutes of Health offers a number of helpful articles and resources on medical topics ranging from child and teen health to wellness and lifestyle information.
  4. Centers for Disease Control: Another government web site that offers solid information, as well as information on avoiding illness.
  5. Healthline: Provides medical information and learning centers related to various medical concerns and health issues.
  6. Health Central: Read up on different medical conditions, and learn more about health and wellness. Includes symptoms of common afflictions.
  7. Wrong Diagnosis: Helpful information on how you can identify common diseases, and helpful checklists and information that you can use to take to the doctor so that you and your family are better patients.
  8. MayoClinic.com: This is the web site associated with the prestigious Mayo Clinic. Find information on a range of medical and health topics.
  9. Virtual Hospital: This site from the University of Iowa provides information on medical topics from neurology to family medicine to pediatrics to surgery.
  10. CNN Health: Keeps you up to date on the latest health and medical news of the day.

Diet and Nutrition

Make sure you know what’s best for your family to eat here are some diet and nutrition resources that can help you increase your family’s health through proper eating habits.

  1. Nutrition Data: Includes information about what’s in your food. Learn how to read a nutrition label, and get news and information on different nutrition topics.
  2. Nutrition.gov: This is the site operated by the U.S. government, designed to help you find the best nutrition for your family.
  3. MyPyramid.gov: Learn about how the Food Pyramid can be used to help you create a healthy diet for your family.
  4. Yahoo! Health: Use this great section on diet (and fitness) to learn effective ways that you can increase your nutrition. Includes answers to nutrition and diet questions.
  5. Nutrition Center: This site is offered by the American Heart Association, and focuses on heart-healthy eating habits for the whole family.
  6. The Nutrition Source: Harvard’s School of Public Health describes health eating habits, and helps you get on the right track for overall family health.
  7. Nutrition Navigator: Tufts University offers this look into learning about nutrition, and provides activities related to nutrition, and addresses specific nutrition needs for different age groups.
  8. Nutrition Tools: Northwestern University offers a number of helpful nutrition resources, information and activities that can help you chart a course to healthier eating.
  9. FastRecipes: Get access to great recipes that are easy to make. Includes healthy recipes as well.

Exercise and Fitness

Learn tips on getting your family shape. Learn about exercise and fitness from trusted sources.

  1. Exercise: About.com offers good information on exercise for the whole family.
  2. Family Fitness: This is another About.com resource that offers tips aimed specifically at family exercise.
  3. Shape Up America!: This site is designed to help you get excited about exercise and fitness, and includes helpful tips on getting the whole family involved.
  4. Fitness.gov: The U.S. government offers a site on improving fitness, and the importance of physical activity.
  5. Quick to Fit: This site offers helpful tips and information on proper fitness in today’s fast paced world.
  6. Children & Exercise: This web site is provided by the American Heart Association, and aimed at providing parents with activities and information they can use to help get their kids moving.
  7. Exercise Safety Association: Learn how to exercise safely, reducing the chance of injury.
  8. Play Outdoors: A great resource for families interested in enjoying outdoor exercise and adventures.

Organic, Natural and Vegetarian/Vegan Lifestyle

If you are into seeing how your health can be enhanced with a more natural lifestyle, you can consider these web sites.

  1. Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group: This is a practice group related to the American Dietetic Association, and provides helpful information on living as a vegetarian.
  2. Organic.org: Learn about how you can live an organic lifestyle, from the meat you eat to money saving tips on organic produce.
  3. Organic Consumers Association Health Research Center: Get information on living healthy as an organic family.
  4. NRDC: Green Living: The Natural Resources Defense Council offers this site on green living, avoiding toxic chemicals and increasing your health and wellness.
  5. Vegan Health: Learn about vegan health from Jack Norris, a registered dietitian.
  6. Gary Null: Provides information on natural living, alternative health, vegetarianism and other subjects.
  7. Natural Living for Women: Use this site as a resource for beauty tips, as well as natural ideas for everything from buying products to raising your children.
  8. Green People: A great resource for finding information on eco-friendly health tips, products and lifestyle ideas.

Healthy Parenting

Learn about healthy parenting and other subjects that can help you as you strive to raise healthy and happy children.

  1. Health Parenting Initiative: This is a site put out by the Department of Defense, aimed at helping military families cope with separation and providing resources and hints for getting through this time.
  2. Parenting: MedlinePlus, a resource offered by the National Institutes of Health, provides a number of useful articles and resources on healthy parenting.
  3. Parenting: This section on MedicineNet.com offers insights into parenting practices that can increase your kids’ health.
  4. Healthy Parenting: Get information on raising children, with a focus on natural and green practices.
  5. Health Parenting Today: Resources on how to create a healthy environment for your children, including on how you can understand teens, strengthen your marriage and build trust.
  6. Parenting.com: Tips, articles and more on raising healthy kids from conception to adulthood.
  7. MomSense: This resource from Christianity Today is aimed at helping parents raise healthy and spiritually strong children.
  8. Parenting Center: Head over here to get WebMD’s take on different conditions and issues that relate to raising kids.

Keeping Yourself Healthy

It’s important for moms to feel healthy —  emotionally, mentally and physically. Here are some sites aimed at helping you learn what you can do to keep yourself healthy, so that you are a better mom.

  1. Stress Management: This resource from About.com provides you with tools and tips on reducing your stress and anxiety.
  2. BlogHer: Resources and information on a variety of issues related to physical and emotional well-being, as well as commentary on health, wellness, politics and more — all with a female perspective.
  3. Busy Mom: Find tips on keeping yourself sane and reasonably content as your deal with life.
  4. SingleMom.com: Get help and information, as well as resources and tips aimed at helping single moms get through it all.
  5. Mom2Mom: Tips and information on improving your life with this site aimed at moms.
  6. Life Balance: Learn ways to bring balance into your life, complete with resources and tools.
  7. Meditation Center: Get information and help in practicing meditation.

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