Top 50 Nursing Assistant Blogs

February 12, 2010

When you are a nursing assistant, it can help to have the perspective of a number of different people involved in the medical world. Nursing can be very rewarding, but also quite difficult. There are a number of people who can understand what you are going through, as well as provide insight into different aspects of nursing. Here are 50 of the top blogs for nursing assistants.

CNA Blogs

476px-Newborn-incubator-torontoHere are blogs about being a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

  1. Be In the Know!: Understand the basics of being a nursing assistant, and learn about what you need to know, as well as find career helps and information.
  2. CNA Employment: This is a helpful blog that looks at career prospects for Certified Nursing Assistants.
  3. CNA Training Programs: Learn about how you can become a CNA, and the different training programs available.
  4. CNA Training Class and Jobs: Learn about career opportunities and possibilities as a CNA.
  5. CNA-Schools Blog: Learn about what a CNA does, and learn about different opportunities available.
  6. CNA Certification and CNA Training: This is a new blog that promises to help you figure out what you can do as a nursing assistant.

Nurse Practitioner Blogs

Learn about what it’s like to be a nurse practitioner. You can get valuable insight into what life is like for these nurses, and learn what you need to know to assist these nurses.

  1. New NP: Learn about life as a nurse practitioner, especially one getting her feet wet.
  2. A Nurse Practitioner’s View: Get an idea of the health care system from the point of view of a nurse practitioner. Helpful for nursing assistants looking for more health care knowledge.
  3. The Nurse Practitioner’s Place: A great blog for all of those in any profession related to nursing.
  4. The Nervewracking Nurse Practitioner: Learn about having nerves of steel as you navigate life in the nursing profession.
  5. What school doesn’t teach about being a nurse practitioner: This blog offers helpful insights — and information you won’t learn in a nurse assistant program!
  6. The Beast…: Follow this nurse practitioner as she blogs about a rare form of cancer. Her husband was affected and died, but she still blogs. Helpful insights for nursing assistants on caring for patients with cancer.
  7. Bailey Blog: Follow this family of a Michelle, a nurse practitioner. Offers some good relief.

Hospice Care Blogs

Learn about what it’s like to work in hospice care. Valuable insights for nursing assistants considering hospice care.

  1. Pallimed: Get an idea of hospice care and palliative care. Perfect for nursing assistants who want to keep up with this type of nursing.
  2. Hospice Blog: A look at issues surrounding hospice care.
  3. Dethmama Chronicles: Get an inside look at life as a hospice care nurse.
  4. Hospice Foundation Blog: Learn more about hospice, and how to navigate it, from this blog.
  5. The Good Death: Learn about allowing patients to die with dignity.
  6. Risa’s Pieces: An interesting look at palliative and hospice care from a nurse practitioner.
  7. Hospice Physician’s Blog: Learn about hospice care from a physician’s viewpoint. Valuable for any nursing assistant who wants a better view of palliative and hospice care.

Nursing Home Blogs

Get a good idea of what it’s like to work in a nursing home. This is great information for any nursing assistant.

  1. Hospice and Nursing Homes Blog: Covers different aspects of what is going on in hospices and nursing homes around the country.
  2. My Better Nursing Home: Get involved in creating better nursing home environments. Very help for nursing assistants.
  3. The Nursing Home Administrator: A look at what goes on in nursing homes — from the inside.
  4. ElderCare ExpertBlog: A look at elder care, providing valuable insights for nursing assistants about nursing home care and other issues related to elder care.
  5. Illinois Nursing Home Abuse Blog: Learn to identify abuse issues, and become a better, more involved nursing assistant.
  6. South Carolina Nursing Home Bog: News and information from the world of nursing homes and nursing home law.

Hospital Blogs

Understand what it takes to be a good nursing assistant in a nursing home.

  1. Running a Hospital: Addresses the ins and outs of hospital administration. Can give nursing assistants who work in hospitals valuable insight.
  2. Hospital Impact: Learn about life in a hospital for a number of those in the nursing profession.
  3. Emergiblog: Learn about life in the emergency room.
  4. The Happy Hospitalist Blog: A blog about unfiltered medicine while working in a hospital.
  5. code blog: This follows the adventures of a nurse working in a hospital. Learn from another’s experiences.
  6. Craig Hospital Blog: Learn about what is going on at Craig Hospital, and get insight about working in a hospital.

Health Policy Blogs

Keep up with the latest policy issues surrounding health care. A good nursing assistant should be up on what is happening.

  1. HIPAA Blog: This offers all sorts of useful information about HIPAA regulations and reminders. This is stuff you need to know.
  2. Health Wonk Review: Get a weekly dose of the latest news from the health care world.
  3. Wright on Health: A look at the international and U.S. health systems.
  4. Health Policy Blog: The Mayo Clinic offers a look inside the policies that shape our health care system.
  5. Health Affairs Blog: Keep up with the latest in health policy and news.
  6. Say Ahhh!: This is a blog that focuses on children’s health policy. Great for nursing assistants helping in pediatrics.
  7. Health Policy and Communications Blog: A great place to go to learn about health policy, and how to communicate about it.

Patient Care Blogs

These blogs address working with different types of patients. They are rather helpful in terms of being a better nursing assistant.

  1. The Gimp Parade: This blog is written by a disabled feminist, and provides insight into patient care.
  2. A Chronic Dose: An interesting look at chronic illness, and health issues that go along with it.
  3. Undiagnosed Illness: Provides helpful information on caring for patients who are suffering from illnesses that have not been diagnosed.
  4. Imagine Bright Futures II: Get a look at life from the perspective of this blogger with breast cancer.
  5. Healthy Concerns: A patient offers her view of the health care system.
  6. Every Patient’s Advocate: Learn more about being a patient advocate, helping your patients.

Nursing Student Blogs

If you are looking to take the step from nursing assistant to RN — and beyond — you can read these blogs for more information on being a nursing student.

  1. Life of a Male Student Nurse: Men and women alike can benefit from this insight into being a nursing student.
  2. I Am a Student Nurse: This blog is about the challenges associated with studying to become a nurse.
  3. How I Spent My Nursing Education: Get an idea of tools and tips and more from nursing school.
  4. Becoming a Nurse: Even though this blog is no longer updated, it has years of archives, and helpful information on getting through nursing school.
  5. Head Nurse: Get a lot of practical advice on becoming a nurse from this experienced nurse.

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